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Counselor Hegler

Welcome to Kingman High School!!!

We strive to prepare students to be college and career ready.  What exactly does that mean?

Students who are college and career ready must identify and demonstrate well developed social-emotional skills and identified individual and community core principles that assure academic, vocational, and personal success.  Students MAY be described as:

  • They demonstrate character in their actions by treating others as they wish to be treated and giving their best effort.
  • They assume responsibility for their thoughts and actions.
  • They demonstrate a growth mindset and continually develop cognitively, emotionally and socially.
  • They exhibit the skills to work independently and collaboratively with efficiency and effectiveness.
  • They strive for excellence by committing to hard work, persistence and internal motivation.
  • They exhibit creativity and innovation, critical thinking and effective problem solving.
  • They use resources, including technology and digital media, effectively, strategically capably and appropriately.
  • They demonstrate an understanding of other perspectives and cultures.
  • They model the responsibility of citizenship and exhibit respect for human dignity.


I hope you find this website helpful!!!

Becky Hegler

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