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So you want to take college classes while in high school?

So You Want To Take College Classes In High School?

Taking college classes during the high school years has become very common.  This became more common place when the Kansas Board of Regents lifted their cap on how many college credits could be transferred in for a high school student. One other aide in this push for college classes was when the State of Kansas decided to help fund some courses that businesses deemed there is a demand for in Kansas.  These courses are considered to be a part of what is called Career and Technical Education or CTE courses. CTE college/dual credit classes have no tuition, but they do have fees attached.  Many of these classes are cheaper for high school students to take then waiting until the student has graduated.   Kingman High School supports a few of these and many students find they can take them through colleges but in an on-line situation.  To learn more about what you need to do, just keep reading and follow the links.

Kingman High School CTE College Credit/Dual Credit Classes:

Kingman High School only has a couple of classes that are CTE dual credit classes that our high school teacher is the teacher. These are Web Page Design and Marketing Communications.   Kingman High School will work with kids who want to take CTE classes through other institutions.  The student and parent must have a meeting with the students’ seminar teacher where they set up the students Individual Plan of Study (IPS) and have it approved by administration in order to take classes beyond what Kingman High School offers.  

Kingman High School Dual Credit Classes:

Kingman High School has the following classes offered for dual credit:

  • Composition I & II – These courses can equal a seniors English credit. Students must meet a minimum ACT score of 18 in English to be admitted.
  • College Algebra – Students must meet a minimum ACT score of 23 to be admitted.
  • Trigonometry – Students must have completed College Algebra at the college level or have an ACT score of 24-25 in Math.
  • Calculus – Students must have completed Trigonometry at the college level or have an ACT score of 26 in Math
  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Web Page Design – CTE
  • Marketing Communications – CTE

Courses above that indicate a required ACT score can be substituted for an Accuplacer score.  See Mrs. Hegler for further details if you think your student needs and Accuplacer score.

Not all these classes come from the same community college.  See Enrollment Information below.

Students who are wanting to take dual credit classes must have the course on their Individual Plan of Study and have the plan approved by administration.  Students need to make sure they are taking classes that will be bennificial to their future.  

Enrollment Information:

Each institution has their own processes that students must follow in order to become a student with that college.  Generally, the following are the basic steps at each college:

  1. Go through the application process at the college.  Often, this includes setting up an account with the college
  2. Receive some kind of correspondance, usually through e-mail, indicating you are now a student, have been given a student ID, and have a username and password to their student service system.
  3. Pass any entrance exams required for the course.  These requirements vary, depending on which institution the student choose to take a class from.
  4. Enroll in the class
  5. Pay tuition and/or fees
  6. Engage in the class

These steps are very simplified.  For further information on each college click one fo the links below.

Wichita State University Instructions:

Hutchinson Community College Instructions:

Pratt Community College Instructions:

Wichita Area Technical College Instructions: