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General Instructions for Judging

The Kingman Invitational Forensics



A few notes about judging:


  • The contestants can perform anytime within the hour and a half allotted for the round. The contestants do not have to perform in the order listed on the schedule.


  • Many of the preliminary rounds (rounds one, two, and three) will not have an “official” timekeeper. If there is no timekeeper in the room, you cannot penalize for time infractions.


  • Judges should avoid verbally critiquing the students after a performance.


  • Rank all contestants in the room (with a one ranking being the best). There can be no ties.


  • Give each contestant a quality rating. (This rating reflects the “quality” of the performance.)


  • Sign the ballot.


  • Please put comments on the ballot that reflect your opinion of the performance. Students read these comments for the purpose of trying to improve their performance from tournament to tournament.


  • When you have heard all the contestants perform in your round, bring the ballots to the judge’s table.


  • Please feel free to help yourself to the hospitality room in between rounds. (Avoid discussing specific performances with other judges between rounds though. This could influence their opinions.)


  • In preliminaries, you will be the only judge in the room. In finals, you will be one of three judges watching. The judges in finals are to rank the contestants independently without discussing the performances with each other.



Again, thank you for assisting us with our forensics tournament. Community judges are the most important factor to a forensics season. Your participation is valued by all of the contestants and coaches. Enjoy the day!

Jesse Adcock

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