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Grade Level: 10-12
Teacher:  Mrs. Bradshaw


Welcome to Psychology. This year you will experience the interesting world of self-discovery.  It will be your opportunity to understand your own behavior and how it relates to others.  We will be doing a variety of projects and participation activities throughout the semester to help you gain the understanding, knowledge, and skills needed in our journey to learn what makes us tick.  Topics will include the history of psychology, psychology as a profession, the body and brain, the basis of behavior, learning, memory, motivation and emotion, personality theory, psychological testing, stress, psychological disorders, and therapy and change.  Other topics will be added as time allows.

Required Text and Materials:

  1. Glencoe, McGraw-Hill Understanding Psychology Textbook
  2. Subject notebook used for this class only
  3. Folder to keep assignments and project information
  4. Pen for all tests.  Pen or pencil for note taking.
  5. Laptop Computer

Classroom Expectations:


            PUNCTUALITY – Be in class on time and take your seat quietly.

            RESPECT – Respect all peers, teachers, staff, classroom materials and yourself.

            INTEGRITY – Don’t cheat yourself by cheating or plagiarizing.

            DISCIPLINEObey the rules AND be responsible for your work.

            ENTHUSIASM – Make learning fun!


Classroom Procedures: 

The topics introduced in this class will be presented in a variety of ways.  The main method will be lecture format, with worksheets, section quizzes, documentaries and films, computer research, personality testing and exploration, oral reports, role plays, power points and/or posters.  Students are required to take and keep notes and all handouts in the psychology notebook and folder. 


Homework and Projects:  It is very important that all assignments and projects are turned in for course credit to be given.  Students that do not turn in their assignments will receive a zero for the assignment and will lose participation credit (5% of Grade). 

Late work:  Late work will be accepted after the due date and time for 50% deduction of the total points up to the first full day late.  After the first full day late the assignment or project will receive a zero but still must be submitted for course requirement.  (See above)

Participation Grade Specifics: (Total 20% of Grade)   Assigned each 9 weeks.

(Deductions will be made from a possible 100 points over the course of the 9 weeks.)

Classroom behavior, participation, course requirements:  50 points (5%)

                 Assignments completed and in on time – course requirements met

                  Respect for classmates, teacher, personal space and quietness of all in classroom

                  Attitude, Time-management, On-task, Cooperation, and Participation

            Attendance  requirements:  50 points (5%) 

                   Each student will be allowed 2 absences per 9 weeks before his/her grade is affected

                   After 2 absences, there will be a 5-point deduction made for every absence that occurs

                    Extreme medical leaves will be taken into consideration.

              Specific Participation Activities:   100 points (10%)

                    10% of the grade will be based on specific participation tasks the student will complete during the 9 weeks.                                These will be assessed as they occur.


Makeup Work:  If the student is excused absent, then he or she will be able to make up the work missed.  One day per day absent plus one day will be allowed.  If you are gone on Monday, come back on Tuesday, receive the missing work, it will be due on Thursday first thing.  It is your responsibility to ask for missed work and turn it in on time.  Students may consult with the teacher when they return for missed work when they get their planner signed and students should also check the school web page for my class for class happenings.  If you need to get further explanation, it can be done before or after school. 


Makeup Tests:  If a student misses the day of a test, they will have 5 school days to make up a test upon their return to class.  Tests must be made up before or after school.  It is the student’s responsibility to make these arrangements and keep the appointment.


            Cheating:  Cheating is prohibited.  This includes copying homework assignments, tests, and projects.  Students cheating             /plagiarizing will receive zero points for that assignment, test, quiz, project, etc. 


Food & Drink:   No food, candy, or drink will be allowed in class, unless otherwise noted by the teacher.


Cell Phones and other electronic devices:  “Cell Phone Jail”

      Cell phones should NOT be used in class.  If they are, they will be taken for the remainder of the period and placed in cell phone jail and for the next 5 class periods you are present.  

      Failure to comply with this policy may result in loss of points, detention, removal from the room, electronic device taken to the office and/or other disciplinary action deemed appropriate.  Cell phone or other devices may be used when deemed appropriate by teacher or permission is asked.

Leaving Class:  The student must have a hall pass designated by the teacher in order to leave the room. Students are NOT allowed to leave the room without one for any reason except in an emergency as determined by the teacher.  Students will be allowed to leave the room to go to their locker, the office, or the bathroom ONCE A WEEK with a pass.

            Students will not be allowed to leave the class to use the phone.  Don’t ask.


Seating Arrangement:  Students are assigned a seat in the first week.  Changes may be made to the assignment, but                 students are always required to sit in their assigned seat. 


            Sleeping: Sleeping is not tolerated in class.  If you feel like you are tired, stand up.  Do not disturb others, but standing               up to refresh is acceptable.  If I see you sleeping, I will ask you to stand.


Student 1:1 Laptop Rules

  • Student Responsibilities
    • Bring your laptop to school fully charged.
    • Set your laptop down gently.
    • Hold your laptop with both hands when moving inside the classroom.
    • Always put your laptop in your carrying case when going outside your classroom.
    • Do not remove tags/labels from your laptop, power supply, or carrying case.  If they come off, notify us immediately so we can replace it.
    • Do not write, draw, etc. or adhere anything to laptop or carry case or you will be responsible for replacement.
  • Account Passwords
    • Do not change your password for your district accounts including, Gmail/Google Apps, Moodle, Network , Laptop, Kan-Ed.  You must use your six digit number for all of these accounts.  If you forget your password, your teacher can obtain it for you.
    • If your password has been compromised, notify your teacher immediately.
  • Classroom Rules
    • Students will be allowed to use the Laptop for taking notes (when appropriate), assignments, tests, forums, research, and other activities as assigned by the teacher. 
    • Students using the computer for unauthorized activities will lose privileges to the computer for the rest of the class period and / or for days/week.
    • Repeated unauthorized use will result in the loss of all computer privileges in the classroom.
  • Student Privacy
    • All information on a student’s laptop, on the server, in email, and other district accounts are not considered private.  District personnel can confiscate and view your laptop, and information in your accounts at any time.
    • Internet history is not private.  Your Internet browsing history is tracked within school and when you are outside of school.  District Internet policies are in effect regardless of whether or not you are in school or out of school and will be dealt with appropriately.



                         Scale:         89.5 & above =A

                                            79.5 – 89.4    =B

                                            69.5 – 79.4    =C

                                            59.5 – 69.4    =D

                                            59.4 & below =F


Grades:  Grades are figured on a weighted scale.  Homework is 10%, Quizzes are 5%, Class Participation/Lab is 20%, Projects are 15%, Attendance/Participation is 10% and Tests are 40% of the grade.   The two nine week periods of each semester are each 42.5% of the semester grade and the semester final is 15%.


Syllabus Signature Sheet


By signing below, I agree to enforce the rules of the district, school and this classroom fairly and impartially to all students.  I will do my best to help each student succeed and have a fun and productive year in this course.



_____________________________________                      ________________________

Mrs. Teresa Bradshaw                                                           Date


 After carefully reading the syllabus, please read and sign below:



By signing below, I agree that I have carefully read and fully understand the standards in effect for this course.  I also understand that I am fully responsible for my own behavior and that I shall be held accountable for my actions/inactions.



________________________  _________________________   ____________________

Student Name                           Student Signature                         Date



After carefully reading the syllabus, please read and sign below:


By signing below, I agree that I have read the syllabus for this class.  I am also giving permission for my child to watch movies or parts of movies listed below throughout the year in Psychology.


________________________  _________________________   ____________________

Parent/Guardian Name              Parent/Guardian Signature           Date



Movies: Documentaries will be used as an important tool in class.  Some of these movies contain sensitive information and disturbing content not typically heard or scene in a classroom.  Parental permission is requested for your child to watch parts or all of the following movies.  Other videos may be watched via Discovery Streaming, etc.


Secrets of the Mind                                                    Phobias:  Living in Terror                  

The Persuaders                                                           Dying to Be Thin

Understanding the Mysteries of Memory                       Teens:  What Makes Them Tick?

Skin Deep:  Understanding Self-Injury                           Obesity

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