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Class Rules

Mr. Adcock’s Theatre/Forensics

 Class Rules

  1. Be at your desk and ready for instruction (quiet) when the bell rings. Students in the room but out of their desks when the tardy bell rings will be considered tardy. Students who arrive late to class without a note will be turned in tardy.


  1. No beverages allowed in the classroom. Do not bring cans or bottles into the room. If you bring a visible drink container in the classroom, the container will be put into the garbage can. (This includes beverages protruding from a side pocket of a backpack.) Water (clear) is allowed but the bottle must be stored under your desk.


  1. Gum, candy, food, and toothpicks are not allowed in the classroom, practice area, or stage (or anything else in your mouth). Putting candy and food in your mouth to chew just prior to entering the classroom is also not allowed.


  1. Cell phones, digital cameras, and MP3 players are to be turned off and not handled during class time. (This rule is especially true in practice areas: I have enough stopwatches for EVERYONE and recording performances is only allowed with my permission.)


  1. After class starts, students may only talk after raising their hands and being acknowledged by the instructor.


  1. Being rude or disrespectful to me or any other classmate will not be tolerated.


  1. Students are to remain in their seats until the final bell.


  1. Do not sit, stand or place your feet on the desks. (Also, do not “play” with the desks.)


  1. Backpacks, purses, and books brought into the room must be stored under your desk. The aisles in the classroom need to be unobstructed. Backpacks and purses cannot be left on your desk during class.


  1. Everything on my desk and the surrounding shelves belongs to me. With the exception of dictionaries, atlases, thesauruses, the pencil sharpener, stapler and tissue; everything else in the room should only be accessed with my permission. When you need something, please ask first.


  1. Any work on your desk or in practice areas is subject to be taken. Doing work for another class during class time is not advisable.


  1. Students missing class for a school activity need to make arrangements prior to the absence. If you are going to be dismissed during class time for an activity or appointment, I need to be informed at the beginning of class.


  1. If you have a planned absence/activity scheduled on the days of class presentations, you need to inform me no later than the day prior to the absence.


  1. Come to class prepared.  Your cutting/script should be accessible everyday. There will be penalties for forgotten books or assignments. (There will be a penalty for usage of the copy machine after your initial cutting has been given to you.)


  1. Do not talk in the hallways while going to work areas. If you need to go to the bathroom prior to practicing (or during), ask first.


  1. Stay in assigned practice/work areas. Do not leave assigned practice/work areas until five minutes prior to the end of class.


  1. Stay on task. Do not visit with passing students, seek other classmates, or engage in other distracting activities.


  1. If you need to leave a practice area, come straight to the classroom or my designated place to see me.


  1. While it may be possible to practice too much, I’ve seldom met a student who knows that limit or has reached that point.


  1. Take care of the classroom stopwatches. Do not use the watches for any other purpose than timing your events. I will deduct points for watches returned with the alarms set.


  1. Presentations will be deducted a letter grade for each day late. If the presentation is not made-up by the end of the week, a zero will be recorded in the grade book.


  1. If entering the classroom after class is in session, look through the window to ensure a student is not in the middle of a presentation. If a student is presenting, wait quietly and inconspicuously outside until the speaker is finished.


  1. When students are performing in front of the class display proper audience conduct.


  1. Audience members are not to talk to the performer as he or she is approaching the performance area.
  2. Audience members are not to talk once the performer is in front of the class.
  3. Audience members are not to make comments during the performance or signal/make faces to other audience members.
  4. Audience members are not to distract the performer in any way.
  5. After all performances, members of the audience are to applaud the performance politely. As the performer goes to his/her seats, audience members might quietly congratulate the effort in general but students may not loudly comment about performance.


  1. When I am directing/verbal-critiquing students, do not interject opinions or suggestions to the student(s) being directed.


  1. One of the components of this class is to be able to participate for competitive forensics. Your attendance on certain dates may be required for full credit (practices, performances, and invitational tournaments). On years that Kingman hosts an invitational; finding judges, preparing and working our tournament is mandatory.


Attending forensics tournaments is a privilege, not a right.

The theatre and forensics experience is pure unbridled FUN! The discipline in this class coupled with your amazing abilities will intensify the excitement!  Because…

Discipline wins tournaments. Talent is negotiable!


Jesse Adcock

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