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Class Rules

Classroom Rules

  1. Be at your desk and ready to work when the tardy bell rings. Students in the room but out of their desks when the tardy bell rings will be considered tardy. (This rule applies even when the instructor is not in the classroom.) Students who arrive late to class without a note will be turned in tardy.


  1. Once class has started, students are not allowed to leave their desks without asking for permission. This includes sharpening pencils, getting Kleenex, throwing away trash, handing in homework, etc.


  1. No beverages (other than water) allowed in the classroom. Do not bring cans or bottles into the room. If you bring a visible drink container in the classroom, the container will be put into the garbage can. (This includes beverages protruding from the side pocket of a backpack.) Water (clear container) is allowed but the bottle must be stored under your desk.


  1. Candy, food, and toothpicks are not allowed in the classroom (or anything else in your mouth). Chewing gum will only be allowed if it is put in your mouth prior to the bell and it stays in your mouth. No crinkling of wrappers or distributing gum once class begins. Putting candy and food in your mouth to chew just prior to entering the classroom is also not allowed.


  1. Students are expected to follow the dress code as outlined in the Kingman Student Handbook. (Any visible hat in the classroom will be taken.)


  1. Students finishing their assignments early may not use their laptops or tablets to stream non-educational videos or listen to music.


  1. Cell phones, digital cameras, and MP3 players are to be turned off and not handled during class time. (None of these items should be visible during class time – that includes headphones.)


  1. Headphones are only allowed for Edgenuity lessons or audio readings of class literature.


  1. The extension cords are for class assignments ONLY. If you finish an assignment early, it is your responsibility to have your computer charged to work on other assignments.


  1. Marking on the desk is not allowed. (This includes tracing over preexisting marks.) If you see marks on your desk at the beginning of the hour, alert me immediately to free yourself of blame.


  1. After class starts, students may only talk after raising their hands and being acknowledged by the instructor.


  1. Being rude or disrespectful to me or any other classmate will not be tolerated.


  1. Students are to remain in their seats until the final bell. This rule especially applies if the lecture/assignment for the day is finished early. If you need to get up to ask a student a question, check your grades, etc.; ask me first.


  1. Students are not allowed to lay their heads on their desks, books, or folded arms. Students should be sitting upright during lectures and, at least, have their heads propped up during reading. If the student is not feeling well, he/she needs to visit with the school nurse.


  1. Students are to sit facing toward the front of the classroom. Students are not allowed to sit “sideways” in the seats of their desks.


  1. Do not place your feet on the desks. Sitting or standing on the desks is also prohibited.


  1. Backpacks, purses, and books brought into the room must be stored under your desk. The aisles in the classroom need to be unobstructed. Backpacks cannot be left on your desk during class.


  1. If the room is too hot or cold, please ask me to adjust the thermostat and/or window. (Do not attempt this task yourself.)


  1. Everything on my desk and the surrounding shelves belongs to me. With the exception of dictionaries, atlases, thesauruses, the pencil sharpener, stapler and tissue; everything else in the room should only be accessed with my permission (especially the books on the bookshelves). When you need something, please ask first.


  1. Any work on your desk is subject to be taken. Doing work for another class during class time is not advisable.


  1. Come to class prepared. Students will be penalized 10 points for forgotten books or assignments.


  1. You are responsible for completing and handing in assignments for days of absence. Always ask about missed work upon your return. Students missing class for a school activity need to make arrangements prior to the absence. (My website can be very helpful with this procedure.)


  1. Keep your hands off other students’ books or property.


  1. Bring a notebook (paper) and a pen/pencil to class everyday, regardless of the assignment.


  1. Do not plagiarize or copy assignments. (Learn to cite sources and to distinguish between helping another student and copying.)

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