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Graduation Requirements

Academic Requirements

All students coming into Kingman High School upon completion of eighth grade are classified as
Freshmen. At the beginning of each school year, a student must have 6 credits to be classified
as a sophomore, 12 credits to be classified as a junior, and 17 credits to be classified as a

Twenty­four credits are required for graduation. Students interested in attending regent
universities should visit with the guidance counselor for more information.
The following are guidelines for completing graduation requirements:

1. Language Arts — Four credits are required from the following courses: General English,
English I, and English II, English III, English IV, College Bound Writing (semester long),
English Literature (semester long).

2. Social Studies — Three units are required. One credit must be American History (both
semesters must be passed), and one credit must be American Government (both
semesters must be passed). One credit must be World History (both semesters must be

3. Mathematics — Three credits are required.

4. Science — Three credits are required.

5. Physical Education — 1/2 unit is required. 1/2 unit of health is required. Freshman
students will be enrolled in physical education and health, which meets the physical
education requirement.

6. Business Economics/Entrepreneurship— One credit is required.

7. Fine Arts — One credit is required.

8. Elective — The remainder of the credits required for graduation will come from electives.
Students may not take more than two semesters of teacher and/or office aide classes. A
3.0 GPA is required to be a teacher or office aide, or a student may become an aide with
administration/counselor/teacher approval.


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