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Residential Carpentry

Residential Carpentry I (first year) and II (second year)

Course Description:  This is a two-period block course.  Areas included in the instruction are:  The history of the carpentry trade; blueprint reading and sketching; mathematics in carpentry; layout work such as foundation lines and building lines; concrete form construction; types of sill, floor joists, and stringers; laying of studs, cripples, and headers, types of siding, sheeting, and exterior window and door trim; cornices; types of shingles, wall partitions; interior wall finishes, such as sheetrock, masonite, celote, and wood paneling; installing windows and doors, finishing floors, trimming windows and doors; laying baseboards and base shoe; how to build and install kitchen cabinets and other built-ins; the hand tools and portable machinery used in the carpentry trade.  This will be done in the classroom and out on the job.  Students will be selected by instuctor, counselor, and principal.

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