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You should find all the scholarships I have available to me.  Don't forget to check the Scholarships Webpages link as well. Some scholarships are now on-line and you will have to go to their website.

pdfKSU - Phi Kappa Theta Man of Faith Scholarship Due: Feb 6th, You must mail this in. pdfAaron Laing Memorial Scholarship - Deadline: April 1 pdfAllen Community College Communication & Fine Arts Activity Scholarship - Deadline April 1 pdfArk Valley Cooperative Scholarships 2017-18: Due December 3rd to their office at 5:00pm.This year there is a presentation you must include with the application. There is one for Juniors and one for Seniors. Use the same application. pdfBill & Doris Near Scholarship Due: April 15th (Changed on 3//30/16) pdfBob Vanlandingham Memorial Scholarship - Deadline: April 1 pdfCitizens Bank of Kansas Scholarship - Deadline: April 1 pdfCookies for College Scholarship - Deadline: April 1st by Noon pdfDG Chapter, PEO Scholarship: Due March 31st. pdfEvergy Community Scholarships: Due February 15th, See attached document for more information. You must contact Mrs. Hegler to get this one started. pdfFred and Irene Cloud Journalism Award - Deadline : April 1 pdfGrace & Charles Goff Scholarship - Deadline : April 1 pdfHutchinson News Journalism Scholarship 2019: Due March 15th You will need to mail this one in. pdfInstitute for Supply Management - Due March 14th pdfInstitute for Supply Management of Wichita: Due March 18th pdfKansas Agribusiness Retailers Association Scholarship Due: March 1st, must be mailed with 5 copies of the application packets pdfKansas County Clerks & Election Officials Assoc. Due March 29th. The instructions sheet has further instructions about postmark date. pdfKansas Emergency Mang. Assoc. Scholarship: Due to their office by 5:00pm on February 23rd. You can e-mail this one to the contact person. pdfKansas Grain & Feed Assoc. : Due: 5:00pm March 1st, you must mail. This must be postmarked prior to 5:00pm on March 1st. You will need to mail this one. pdfKansas Masonic Lodge Essay Contest: Due November 1st: See Mrs. Hegler for submission forms. pdfKansas Society of CPA's KSCPA Merit Scholarship - Two Due Dates: ACT Score by March 10th, App by April 14th. See Mrs. Hegler if you fill this out. pdfKanza Bank Scholarship - Deadline: April 1( due to no school on March 31st and April 2nd, let's get this in by March 30th.) pdfKingman Christian Church Alice Drolte Scholarship - Deadline: April 15 pdfKingman County 4-H Council Scholarship - Deadline: April 1st by Noon pdfKingman County Conservation District Scholarship - Deadline: March 30th by 4:30pm pdfKingman County Homemakers Extension Education Units Scholarship - Deadline: March 30th by noon pdfKingman County Young Farmers Scholarship - DUE DATE CHANGE: Always the Friday before the week of KHS rodeo. pdfKingman County Rotary Club Scholarship: Due April 1st pdfKingman Recreation Commission - Deadline: April 3rd pdfMartha Westfall Alford Scholarship Due: April 15th pdfNinnescah Rural Electric Scholarships: There are more then one. Due: Thursday, January 18th to their office. You will need to mail it, or go to their website stated in the letter. pdfOrrin Westerman Memorial Scholarship: Due: March 30th pdfPratt Medical Center Medical Field Scholarship: Due March 30th, you must mail the application in. pdfRenee' Leroux Scholarship - Deadline: April 1 pdfRobert Yeoman Masonic Scholarship Application - Deadline: April 1 pdfRose Spurrier Scholarship Fund - Deadline: April 3rd pdfRuth Miller Scholarship/ FBLA - Deadline: April 1 pdfSchrag Family Technical Scholarship: Due March 30th, 2020 pdfShawn Harkness Memorial Scholarship - Deadline: April 1 pdfShelter Insurance Foundation Scholarship Due: March 31st. pdfSkyland Grain LLC - 2016 Scholarship Due: April 1st pdfStrong Insurance Scholarship Application: Due March 29th for delivery on March 30th. pdfStudent Council Scholarship Due April 1st. pdfSouth Central Kansas Whitetails Unlimited Scholarship: Due April 1st. pdfThe Burnett and Peters Memorial Scholarship - Deadline: April 1 pdfThe Farmers Cooperative Ag Scholarship - Deadline: April 1st pdfTony Bergkamp/Farmers Coop Scholarship Due: Feb. 8th, it is also listed on a website: pdfUSD 331 KNEA 2014 - Deadline: April 15 pdfWestar Energy 6 Craft Scholarships: 2019 Due: March 1, 2019 These are located on the companies website. pdfWestern Ks Chapter of American Petroleum Institute Due: March 31st to the Great Bend office pdfW.L. "Bill" Brown Memorial Scholarship - Deadline: April 1st pdfWillowdale Knights of Columbus - Deadline: March 15th pdfWoolsey Scholarship: Names are turned into the committee based off of Valedictorian status and having an ACT of 28 or higher.

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