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You should find all the scholarships I have available to me.  Don't forget to check the Scholarships Webpages link as well. Some scholarships are now on-line and you will have to go to their website.

pdfKingman Co. Young Farmers Assoc. Due: The Monday after the local KHS Rodeo pdfKSU - Phi Kappa Theta Man of Faith Scholarship Due: Feb 6th, You must mail this in. pdfAaron Laing Memorial Scholarship - Deadline: April 15th, email the applications to and make sure you put in the subject line "Scholarship" pdfAllen Community College Communication & Fine Arts Activity Scholarship - Deadline April 1 pdfArk Valley Cooperative Scholarships 2017-18: Due December 3rd to their office at 5:00pm.This year there is a presentation you must include with the application. There is one for Juniors and one for Seniors. Use the same application. pdfBill & Doris Near Scholarship Due: April 15th (Changed on 3//30/16) pdfBob Vanlandingham Memorial Scholarship - Deadline: April 15 pdfCitizens Bank of Kansas Scholarship - Deadline: April 15, email to Becky Clough at pdfCookies for College Scholarship - Deadline: April 15th, email to Andrea Wood pdfDG Chapter, PEO Scholarship: Due April 20th, email to Leanne Osner at pdfEvergy Community Scholarships: Due February 15th, See attached document for more information. You must contact Mrs. Hegler to get this one started. pdfFred and Irene Cloud Journalism Award - Deadline : April 15th pdfGrace & Charles Goff Scholarship - Deadline : April 30th email to pdfHutchinson News Journalism Scholarship 2019: Due March 15th You will need to mail this one in. pdfKansas Agribusiness Retailers Association Scholarship Due: March 1st, must be mailed with 5 copies of the application packets pdfKansas County Clerks & Election Office Scholarship Due: March 30th, read the instruction/cover sheet for the proper delivery of this application. There are more than one means of delivery. pdfKansas Emergency Mang. Assoc. Scholarship: Due to their office by 5:00pm on February 23rd. You can e-mail this one to the contact person. pdfKansas Masonic Lodge Essay Contest: Due November 1st: See Mrs. Hegler for submission forms. pdfKansas Society of CPA's KSCPA Merit Scholarship - Two Due Dates: ACT Score by March 10th, App by April 14th. See Mrs. Hegler if you fill this out. pdfKanza Bank Scholarship - Deadline: April 30th: email applications to pdfKingman Christian Church Alice Drolte Scholarship - Deadline: April 15 pdfKingman County 4-H Council Scholarship - Deadline: April 15th, email to Andrea Wood at pdfKingman County Conservation District Scholarship - Deadline: April 30th. If after March 13th, email application to or you can take it to their drop box. pdfKingman County Farm Bureau Assoc. Due: April 20th, email your applications to: pdfKingman County Homemakers Extension Education Units Scholarship - Deadline: April 15th, email to Andrea Wood at pdfKingman County Rotary Club Scholarship: Due April 20th, email to Jon Wollen at pdfKingman Norwich Recreation Commission - Deadline: April 20th. Email applications to or you can use their drop box at the office. pdfMartha Westfall Alford Scholarship Due: April 15th pdfNinnescah Rural Electric Scholarships: There are more then one. Due: Thursday, January 18th to their office. You will need to mail it, or go to their website stated in the letter. pdfOrrin Westerman Memorial Scholarship: Due: April 20th, email them to and pdfPratt Medical Center Medical Field Scholarship: Due March 30th, you must mail the application in. pdfRenee' Leroux Scholarship - Deadline: April 30th email to pdfRobert Yeoman Masonic Scholarship Application - Deadline: April 6th email to: pdfRose Spurrier Scholarship Fund - Deadline: April 30th. Scholarships turned in after March 13th, need to be emailed to You must include an email for you. They want to contact you later. pdfRuth Miller Scholarship/ FBLA - Deadline: April 15: Email a resume to Mrs. Austin at No Application Is Required!! pdfSchrag Family Technical Scholarship: Due April 30th, 2020, email the application to:, don't worry about signatures. pdfSER Scholarship Program/Corporation Due: February 28th, must be received to the address in the brochure by the due date. This means mailing it prior to the due date to ensure on time delivery. pdfShawn Harkness Memorial Scholarship - Deadline: April 15, After March 13th, type out the information in the application in an email and send it to: pdfShelter Insurance Foundation Scholarship Due: April 20th, You must email the application Counselor signature is not required. pdfSkyland Grain LLC - 2016 Scholarship Due: April 1st pdfStrong Insurance Scholarship Application: Due April 30th: email them to pdfStudent Council Scholarship Due April 15. Email a resume to Mrs. Austin at: No Application Required!! pdfSouth Central Kansas Whitetails Unlimited Scholarship: Due April 1st. pdfThe Burnett and Peters Memorial Scholarship - Deadline: April 20th, email your application to: pdfThe Farmers Cooperative Ag Scholarship - Deadline: April 1st pdfTony Bergkamp/Farmers Coop Scholarship Due: March 6th, it is also listed on a website:, on the home page in yellow highlight. pdfUSD 331 KNEA 2014 - Deadline: April 15 Email a resume to Mrs. Austin at No Application Is Required!! pdfWestar Energy 6 Craft Scholarships: 2019 Due: March 1, 2019 These are located on the companies website. pdfWestern Ks Chapter of American Petroleum Institute Due: March 31st to the Great Bend office pdfW.L. "Bill" Brown Memorial Scholarship - Deadline: April 1st pdfWillowdale Knights of Columbus - Deadline: March 15th pdfWichita Manufacturing Association Due: February 15th, Read the cover page for all required information and how to turn it in. pdfWoolsey Scholarship: Names are turned into the committee based off of Valedictorian status and having an ACT of 28 or higher.

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