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Daily Schedule

Our daily schedule includes completing activities that will help us to achieve the goals we have set in JAG.  

#1 goal - Improve grades for the entirety of JAG group.  

We are a team and we must act as much.  Helping one another will enable us all to be successful in this area.  To do this we will be checking our Grades twice a week.  These will be recorded as part of your portfolio.  As long as you are recording them, you will receive participation points.

Jag Syllabus 1st Semester


Successes that we plan to accomplish through 1st Quarter – Level 1

(may not be in specific order of completion, competencies may be added as needed)

  • A.1 – Identify occupational interests, aptitudes and abilities
  • A.2 – Relate interests, aptitudes and abilities to appropriate occupations
  • A.3 – Identify desired life style and relate to selected occupations
  • B.10 – Use the telephone to arrange an interview
  • C.18 – Follow Directions
  • D.21 – Comprehend verbal communications
  • D.22 – Comprehend written communications
  • D.24 – Communicate verbally
  • E.26 – Team Membership
  • E.27 – Team Leadership
  • E.28 – Deliver presentations to a group
  • E.29 – Compete successfully with peers
  • F.31 – Explain types of maturity
  • F.32 – Identify a self-value system and how it affects life
  • F.33 – Base Decisions on values and goals
  • F.34 – Identify process of decision-making
  • F.35 – Demonstrate ability to assume responsibility for actions and decisions
  • F.36 – Demonstrate a positive attitude
  • F.37 – Develop healthy self-concept for home, school, and work




A = 100 – 90

B = 89 – 80

C = 79 – 70

D = 69 – 60

F = 59 – below 59


Attendance will be major points.  1 point will be awarded each day that you are in class.  This will be weighted as 40% of your grade.  You will be given 2 personal days during the semester that you are able to use at your discretion.  These personal days only work when you are in class but allow you to take the day off from JAG-K.  They cannot be used to get out of a Pre/Post Test or Final.


Participation is important.  Being willing to try is one of the only ways you will allow yourself to learn.  This will be weighted as 25% of your grade.


Projects are ways that we work on improving the skills that can be useful to you after you graduate high school.  Your input is important with these projects.  This will be weighted as 15% of your grade.


Final exams will be given at the end of each year.  This does not include your Pre and Post test that you must take when entering JAG-K.  Final exams will be determined each semester based on the work that has been completed.  Grades will be determined based on your individual progress that you have made in the class.  Please be willing to be honest and use integrity when we complete the final exam.


Career Association


Career Association is our vehicle to practice many of the skills that are valuable in a career-focused world.  We will be completing projects such as Initiation and Installation Ceremony, Christmas Float Decoration, and Career Development Conference.  Some of these activities will take some time out of school while others will be completed during class time.  These projects are developed to increase your knowledge and awareness of how social, community and civic events work and provide a more nourished environment.


During the 1st quarter, we will be completing planned Career Association Events.  Other events can be added as you wish.

  • Elections for Career Association
  • Leadership Development Conference
  • Initiation and Installation Ceremony


Opportunities for improvement


Throughout the year there will be options available in order to show improvement in your life.  I have created a list of some of these things that can be completed at any time that you are willing to complete them. 


  • Job shadow
  • Internship
  • Part-time job
  • Summer job
  • Club participation
  • Officer participation
  • Leadership role in a project
  • Teachers aide
  • Be nominated for Mind, Body, Pride
  • Career development conference participation
  • Officer of the JAG Career Association
  • Invite guest speaker
  • Plan a field trip
  • Volunteer/Service Learning Projects
  • Certifications
  • Classes in high school that reflect your purpose/provide expertise
  • Improved GPA
  • Improved attendance
  • Participate in Career Development Conference
  • Participate in Leadership Development Conference
  • Sports participation
  • Manage a sports team
  • Participate in taping basketball games
  • Create a Project for JAG
  • Interview a person about a job you are interested in
  • Scholarships
  • Acceptance to college/technical institution
  • Military participation
  • At any time Jag specialist in collaboration with you can add another option to improve yourself or your opportunities for success

With any of these opportunities, if they are not presented during the class it will be up to you to talk with your Jag specialist about the opportunities that you would like to pursue.