English III

Course Purpose

English III (11th grade) courses continue to develop students' writing skills; emphasizing clear, logical writing patterns, word choice, and usage, as students write essays and begin to learn the techniques of writing research papers. The students will review the fundamentals of grammar usage and develop a deeper understanding of the rules and their application. This knowledge will allow the student an unrestricted freedom of expression in creative writing and credibility in formal and professional writing. The junior year is also a time for a concentrated study of American literature. Exposure to the different forms and periods of American literature, along with the application of literary terminology, will enhance the student's ability to read, comprehend, and write what literature reveals about the human condition-past, present, and future.

English III Schedule

1st Hour -    8:00 -    8:50
6th Hour  -  12:47 -   1:37
8th Hour  -    2:35 -   3:25

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