Kansas Department of Ed. & Kansas Board of Regents

Kansas Department of Educaiton

This is a powerful website with a lot of information. Using the search is most helpful in looking for specific information. 

Kansas Board of Regents: Degree Search Launch Site

This online tool identifies all institutions, degree titles and allows you to search for key words that generates a complete list of all the options in Kansas for that area of study.  Users can then generate a comparison chart that shows information on items like Resident Tuition, Fees, Room and Board, Books and Supplies and more.  Each of the institutions will also display an estimated cost for 4 years with the wage and employment information for that area.

Kansas Board of Regents - Transfer/Articulation Page

This page is a good link to find out about what classes transfer from one college to the next.  Much of that information is a link to the schools website.  Remember: If you want to know if a class will transfer, check the school you are wanting the course to transfer to, not the school you are pulling the class from.

Kansas Board of Regents - Qualified Admissions 2015-2016 and after

The University of Kansas has different Qualified Admissions then what is listed here for students wanting to enter their school starting the 2015-2016 graduating class.  Check out other places on this website for a link to their admissions or you can go directly to their K.U.'s website.

Kansas Board of Regents: Scholars Curriculum


University of Kansas Admissions Requirements

Please read this link carefully.  Not only does K.U. have a different admissions requirment starting for the class of 2016 then other colleges in the state, but each department also has requirments and some are harder to get into then just the entrance requirments to K.U. 

KSU Transfer Equivalency

This link will tell you if classes you have taken at other institutions will transfer to KSU and how they will transfer.  If you know you want to end up at KSU and want to make sure classes you are taking now will transfer correctly, this is a good place to start prior to enrolling somewhere else.  

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