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Educational History:

Graduated High School 1974 at West Central High School, Hartford, SD

Graduated College 1978 Dakota State University, Madison, SD Bachelor of Science in Education

Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Education


Current Position:

Started teaching at Kingman High School 2013

1 year in the district

7th Grade and 9th Grade Physical Science and Pre Algebra


Previous Position:

Started Teaching in Battle Creek, IA

Prior to Kingman I taught at Argonia High School

Executive Hospital Pharmaceutical Professional calling on university residency programs in the area of anesthesia


Family Information:

I have 3 sons, all have graduated and have their own families.  I have a German Wirehaired Pointer named Rocky.

Personal Information:

I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, stained glass and nearly all sports.

Most of my time outside of teaching is spent with my family and church activities.

Wayne Maass

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